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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

“Batman and Harley Quinn” – Stunningly Bad

by Ray Keating

0 Stars out of 5

Batman: The Animated Series, which ran from 1992 to 1995, was a marvelous achievement in animated television. It was a fascinating blend of cutting-edge Batman in a 1940s-style visual setting. For good measure, the creators found the perfect voice for Batman, provided by Kevin Conroy.

So, when I heard that Warner Brothers would be returning to this universe in a new animated movie called Batman and Harley Quinn, I was on board. The movie had a one-night theatrical release, so, along with my two sons, it was off to the movies on Monday night, August 14, looking forward to a triumphant return of this Batman on the big screen.

Make no mistake, I wanted Batman and Harley Quinn to be good … very good. Unfortunately, it turned out to be stunningly bad. And I don’t make such judgments lightly. As a storyteller myself, even when I dislike a book, television show or movie, I work to find something that I can point to that I enjoyed or appreciated. Batman and Harley Quinn offers nothing to appreciate.

The story was weak, uneven, and in the end, full of holes. Batman and Nightwing were underwhelming, to say the least, as characters and heroes. The animation during action scenes came up woefully short. And thanks to Harley Quinn, viewers must suffer through fart jokes, and over-the-line sexual innuendo. Quite frankly, this entire movie came across as being made by teenage boys.

And of course, what makes Batman and Harley Quinn so much worse is the fact that Batman: The Animated Series was so darn good. Alas, even the voice of Kevin Conroy – who many of us consider the “real Batman” – could not save Batman, Nightwing and assorted villains in this movie. So, let’s just forget this film. Don't bother with the DVD/Blue Ray. Let’s pretend it never happened. And instead, grab the DVDs of the 1990’s television series, and enjoy some great Batman storytelling.


Ray Keating is the author of the PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVELS. The latest in the series is WINE INTO WATER.

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