Is Your Pastor or Priest a Man of Action? Check Out Pastor Stephen Grant in, for example, WINE INTO WATER: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL, MURDERER'S ROW: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL and THE RIVER: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL by Ray Keating

Pastor Stephen Grant?

Stephen Grant is the pastor at St. Mary’s Lutheran Church on eastern Long Island. Grant is one of the more unique second-career clergy around, as he once worked for the CIA. Besides theology, his interests include archery, golf, writing, classic films, the beach, poker, baseball, and history. Grant also knows his wines, champagnes and brews. Oh yes, he generally dislikes politicians, and happens to be an expert marksman with a handgun and a rifle, while being pretty handy with a combat knife as well.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Exciting New Reasons to Join the Pastor Stephen Grant Fellowship

Exciting New Reasons to Join the Pastor Stephen Grant Fellowship

First, the rewards have just been upgraded in a big way! Second, you will get the forthcoming new Pastor Stephen Grant novel, REAGAN COUNTRY, along with subsequent books, for free and two weeks before the rest of the planet.

Consider that if you join at the entry READER support level, you'll get the following: You receive all new novels FREE and two weeks earlier than the rest of the world, and you get FREE exclusive, early reads of new Pastor Stephen Grant short stories throughout the year. In addition, your name included in a special "Thank You" section in forthcoming novels, and access to the private Pastor Stephen Grant Fellowship Facebook page, which includes daily journal entries from Pastor Stephen Grant, insights from other characters, regular recipes from Grillin' with the Monks, periodic videos and Q&A's with Ray Keating, and more!

What about one level up at the Bronze Reader level? Well, you get everything noted above PLUS you receive two special gift boxes throughout the year with fun and exclusive Pastor Stephen Grant merchandise.

You can also join at the Silver, Gold and Ultimate Reader levels, with additional rewards, including having a character named after you or a loved one!

Why did we start a Pastor Stephen Grant Fellowship? For a variety of reasons, but part of it has to do with helping to turn ideas about additional PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT novels, an assortment of short stories, and a spinoff series into reality. Please consider joining!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Big Sale on Signed Books with "Reagan Country" Coming Soon!

BIG SALE ON SIGNED BOOKS! With the next Pastor Stephen Grant novel – REAGAN COUNTRY – coming soon, now is the time to catch up on all seven of Ray Keating’s current thrillers/mysteries. Save on signed books right now!

Keating’s Stephen Grant was a Navy SEAL and a CIA operative. He’s now a Lutheran pastor.

The Lutheran Book Review has declared, “I miss Tom Clancy. Keating fills that void for me.”

Kirkus Reviews has given Keating’s books big thumbs up, including…

On LIONHEARTS: “In this seventh entry of a series, terrorists attacking Christians in the United States must contend with the proficient recurring protagonist armed with Scripture and a Glock… By now, fans of Keating’s thriller series will anticipate skillfully drawn characters. Grant, for one, is a considerate husband and unquestionably capable in action… The narrative’s swift momentum is retained even during profound moments, like a scene in which terrorists debate their cause after murdering two men that’s intercut with clergymen reciting biblical passages.”

On WINE INTO WATER: “A first-rate mystery makes this a series standout…”

On MURDERER’S ROW: “Action fans will find plenty to love here, from gunfights and murder sprees to moral dilemmas.”

On THE RIVER: “A gritty, action-stuffed, well-considered thriller with a gun-toting clergyman.”

Get in on the action with this big sale!

New Book from Ray Keating - REAGAN COUNTRY: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL - Coming Soon!

Over this past weekend, I finished up my most productive writing weekend, well, ever. I was able to write ten chapters, and finish the first, rough draft of the next novel. Get ready, REAGAN COUNTRY: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL, will be coming your way soon!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Time to Forget Football - Preseason Baseball Sale is Here!


20 percent off MURDERER’S ROW, which was named “Book of the Year 2015” by KFUO radio’s “BookTalk”!

More than 25 percent off the Triple Play of MURDERER’S ROW, THE RIVER and WINE INTO WATER!

All signed by Ray Keating!

Kirkus Reviews gave a big thumbs up to MURDERER’S ROW: “The author packs a lot into this frantically paced novel... a raft of action sequences and baseball games are thrown into the mix. The multiple villains and twists raise the stakes...  Stephen remains an engaging and multifaceted character: he may still use, when necessary, the violence associated with his former professions, but he at least acknowledges his shortcomings--and prays about it. Action fans will find plenty to love here, from gunfights and murder sprees to moral dilemmas.”

And Mary Moerbe, author of Blessed: God's Gift of Love and Family Vocation, said, I really enjoyed the baseball references! The complexity of the plot was great. Structure and flow were great. This was just a super pleasing read!”

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Indie Author or Small Publisher?

The latest episode of Ray Keating's Authors and Entrepreneurs Podcast is available for your listening pleasure. A big question for authors: small, traditional publisher or being an indie author and publisher? Please tune in and share with others. Thanks!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ray Keating's Authors and Entrepreneurs Podcast Episode #3: Partner with the Big Guys

Episode #3: Partner with the Big Guys like Amazon and Facebook

Readers, authors and entrepreneurs shouldn't hate the "big guys," like and Facebook. Instead, readers, authors and entrepreneurs should learn to love the big guys as partners. Leverage their bigness to your own benefit as authors and entrepreneurs, and to the benefit of your readers.

Listen at, or via iTunes at

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Gifts: Baseball, Murder and Terrorism

Need a Christmas gift for the baseball fan? Or, maybe you just miss baseball this time of year? Grab MURDERER’S ROW: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVELS by Ray Keating, which was named KFUO radio's "Book Talk" Book of the Year 2015. How do rescuing a Christian family from the clutches of Islamic terrorists, minor league baseball in New York, a string of grisly murders, sordid politics, and a pastor, who once was a Navy SEAL and CIA operative, tie together? Find out in this exciting thriller.