Is Your Pastor or Priest a Man of Action? Check Out Pastor Stephen Grant in, for example, WINE INTO WATER: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL, MURDERER'S ROW: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL and THE RIVER: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL by Ray Keating

Pastor Stephen Grant?

Stephen Grant is the pastor at St. Mary’s Lutheran Church on eastern Long Island. Grant is one of the more unique second-career clergy around, as he once worked for the CIA. Besides theology, his interests include archery, golf, writing, classic films, the beach, poker, baseball, and history. Grant also knows his wines, champagnes and brews. Oh yes, he generally dislikes politicians, and happens to be an expert marksman with a handgun and a rifle, while being pretty handy with a combat knife as well.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lutheran Pastor, Former CIA, Onetime Navy SEAL, and More...

A Lutheran pastor, former CIA, and onetime Navy SEAL stands at the heart of Ray Keating’s exciting and thoughtful Pastor Stephen Grant novels.

Not only does the host of KFUO radio’s BookTalk call Keating “a great novelist,” but Keating’s latest thriller, MURDERER’S ROW: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL, was named KFUO’s “Book of the Year 2015.” And Kirkus Reviews says, “Action fans will find plenty to love here, from gunfights and murder sprees to moral dilemmas.”

For good measure, THE RIVER: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL was a “Book of the Year” finalist in 2014. Regarding THE RIVER, Kirkus Reviews declares, “A gritty, action-stuffed, well-considered thriller with a gun-toting clergyman.”

There’s much more, including…

• From a Washington Times review of THE RIVER written by a pastor and former CIA officer: “What Ian Fleming's 007 series has probably done for ex-MI-6 agents and Tom Clancy has done for retired CIA officers, Mr. Keating has done for the minority of former CIA agents who have served their country by working in the intelligence community, but now wish to serve God.”

• A Touchstone magazine review of MURDERER’S ROW says: “This is a fun read, though the embedded theology is real and salutary. There is death and life, adultery and commitment, friendship and betrayal, violence and victory over violence… Perhaps the best part of the book for the reviewer is that the clergy are good at helping people bring Christ into their vocations.”

• Marvin Olasky, editor-in-chief of WORLD magazine, lists Ray Keating among his top 10 Christian novelists. WARRIOR MONK also ranked as a Top 10 book on a WORLD magazine June 2013 list.

• On WARRIOR MONK, an Amazon reviewer observed, “Most Christian fiction leaves a lot to be desired. This book will appeal to non-Christians as well. Warrior Monk is about real people with real desires, emotions and feelings. I am anxious to read the other books in the series. Readers won't be disappointed.”

• And Lutheran Book Review says: “I miss Tom Clancy. Keating fills that void for me.”

Get all five of Keating’s thrillers – MURDERER’S ROW, THE RIVER, AN ADVENT FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, ROOT OF ALL EVIL? and WARRIOR MONK – at Amazon in paperback or for the Kindle.

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