Is Your Pastor or Priest a Man of Action? Check Out Pastor Stephen Grant in, for example, WINE INTO WATER: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL, MURDERER'S ROW: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL and THE RIVER: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL by Ray Keating

Pastor Stephen Grant?

Stephen Grant is the pastor at St. Mary’s Lutheran Church on eastern Long Island. Grant is one of the more unique second-career clergy around, as he once worked for the CIA. Besides theology, his interests include archery, golf, writing, classic films, the beach, poker, baseball, and history. Grant also knows his wines, champagnes and brews. Oh yes, he generally dislikes politicians, and happens to be an expert marksman with a handgun and a rifle, while being pretty handy with a combat knife as well.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Murderer's Row Excerpt: Taking on an Islamic Terrorist

People sometimes ask who my favorite characters are in my Pastor Stephen Grant novels, or what scene did I enjoy writing most. Well, in light of the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, and therefore in a time of righteous anger, I would like to reveal that the following was one of the scenes that I, yes, enjoyed writing most in MURDERER'S ROW - a fight between Paige Caldwell and an Islamic terrorist during a rescue mission in Iraq:

     That moment of hesitation was all Caldwell needed. Malik was a big man – six-three, muscular and heavy. It was crucial that she not get into any kind of brawl with him. So, while springing forward, she pulled out a tactical knife strapped to her right thigh, and drove it directly into Malik’s reproductive parts.
     As he screamed out in agony, he fell back, with Caldwell on top of him. She shoved the knife in deeper, and then pulled it to the left, the right and then down.
     His screams grew louder.
     She pulled the knife out and whispered, “I think you may have trouble with those 72 dark-eyed virgins in paradise now. I bet they’ll thank me, though.”
     Malik’s eyes rolled back in his head, and Caldwell jumped up and grabbed her gun.


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