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Pastor Stephen Grant?

Stephen Grant is the pastor at St. Mary’s Lutheran Church on eastern Long Island. Grant is one of the more unique second-career clergy around, as he once worked for the CIA. Besides theology, his interests include archery, golf, writing, classic films, the beach, poker, baseball, and history. Grant also knows his wines, champagnes and brews. Oh yes, he generally dislikes politicians, and happens to be an expert marksman with a handgun and a rifle, while being pretty handy with a combat knife as well.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Warrior Monk: Should Hate It, But It's So Cool!

Kind of fun when someone wants to dislike a book, but in the end, cannot!

A recent Goodreads four-star review of Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel:

"I should probably hate this book... The hero's political and religious attitudes are conservative, even for LCMS. Yet, the book was well written and a lot of fun to read. It was the literary equivalent of a James Bond movie - boy, does that show my age - I know what is happening is improbable to impossible, but it is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

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